It Slows Us Down Again

It Slows Us Down

Met zen master Patrick on the range today
His beard a sure sign of a golf Guru
He says, "that one sounded good"
I said, "I could feel it in my bones"
Deeper than muscle
"You slowed down," he said
1 . . . 2 . . . 3
Instead of
1, 2, 3
"That's why we do this right?" I asked,
To slow down.

From Terra to the Promised Land

Space Shuttle Night Launch
I had always heard about Judaism's connection to science fiction, and it always made complete sense to me. My connection to Judaism makes complete sense given my life-long love of science fiction. 

Space exploration holds existential questions for me.

An American Golf Cinquain

An American Golf Cinquain, By Marcus Haile

New course

New adventure
Made drive over thicket
Walked around, and found, just barely
Made it

Deconstructing Development

It became clear early in my career that simply wanting to succeed was not enough. Desire had to give way to challenging the assumptions and process to figure out exactly how to win. Identifying the ingredients of a winning strategy ultimately required completely deconstructing the development process itself. By peeling back all the different activities involved in development, it started to become clear that the entire process could be done without even referring to it as development! Once each puzzle piece was identified, it also became clear that there were a variety of ways to put the complete picture together.

I have shared these thoughts in more detail in my article, "We Call it Development. But, What is it Really?" at I hope it helps you. Feel free to leave comments here or there on any insights you might have as well!

Crossing the Bridge

St. Andrews has Swilken Bridge, but here in Jacksonville I have the Brentwood Golf Course Pedestrian Bridge. I love this old bridge. It is a peaceful comfort to me every time I cross it with my clubs on my back. Always quiet unless a train is going underneath, which is its own excitement and metaphor for my game that day. Many times I’m the only one on it and I'll take a moment to pause and look down the tracks. For poetry week 2017, I tried my hand at a Rondeau Prime style poem. I doubt, I got it exactly right, but it was great to try. Who needs Sudoku when when you can try to put together a Rondeau Prime!
Crossing the Bridge from Hole One to Hole Two and Returning from Hole Five to Six
By Marcus Haile
It supports you from one to two.
The Bridge finds your mind's whereabouts.
You must cross over your last doubts.
It wants to help your mind find peace.
When you come back, fears find release.
Though often your peace faces droughts;
It supports you.

Return requires recross. Renew.
The Bridge rejoices in your routes.
And judges your mind thereabouts.
But, however it judges you;

It supports you.

It Took me 25 Years to Write This (Triple Distilled)

I am celebrating over 25 years working in the Non-Profit sector with a significant focus on resource development. A lot was learned over that time, often the hard way. I've distilled it down into the following observations.