A Message from the King

As a way to be active on my blog, I thought I had started a New Year’s tradition of learning a newIt began in 2018 when my New Year’s resolution was to improve my chess game. In 2019, I tried my hand at poker. For 2020 though, I could not decide on a new game, chess has remained an interest, and I’ve never been much for traditions. So, the least I can do is try to build a habit of writing a New Year’s post. And, maybe that will lead to more than one post during the year!
game each year and using that to write a New Year’s post.

Chess is still on my mind, but for a different reason today.
Earlier this month, I unearthed a chess set from storage that my family had gotten while we briefly lived in Austria for my dad’s work. It was nice to see it again after being closed up in a closet for so long.
As I cleaned it up a bit, set all the pieces out, and found myself staring at the detail of one of the kings, I was reminded about the parable from Franz Kafka's, “A Message from the Emperor".

Many have found the story tragically sad and that it leaves them feeling, in Kafka’s words, “pathetic”. You will never receive the message from the Emperor that is meant for you, no matter how hard his messenger tries to reach you. You are left looking out a window and dreaming of what the message might be.

I see it differently. That the Emperor has sent me a message! How wonderful is that? I may not find out what the message is, but he made it just for me. What is more, the Emperor selected one special person whose purpose is to find a way to deliver that message only to me! Yes, the messenger faces many obstacles in getting to me, and he may never make it. But the Emperor thought of me and a messenger is focused on reaching me to the exclusion of everything else. I am grateful and will vigilantly remain on the lookout for the messenger. If I can find a way out of this room, I will make my way towards the messenger, so we can meet halfway.

Are you that messenger? Alternatively, what if I am the messenger, and I have a message from the Emperor for you? If so, my New Year’s wish is that I am able to deliver that message. I will not stop until I have. Happy New Year to you! May we reach each other with our messages.

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