New Year, New Game

Photo by kendall hoopes from Pexels
Decisions are bets on the future, and they aren’t “right” or “wrong” based on whether they turn out well on any particular iteration. Making better decisions stops being about wrong or right but about calibrating among all the shades of grey.
~ Annie Duke, Thinking in Bets
It is a bit late, but I still wanted to put down a resolution for the new year before January ended at least.
Last New Year I made a resolution to improve my chess game. Like most games, chess has many “meaning of life” connections. For me, learning the life connections of a game is just as much fun as learning the game itself. Chess provided me good guidance with its focus on “good moves” that lead to wins and its reminder that as long as you are learning, you are winning. It was great life learning, and my game improved too.
With a new year here,
I am dedicating it to a new game by focusing on my poker skills. There are similarities between chess and poker. The idea of making good moves in chess is similar to making good decisions in poker. The biggest difference between the two games is the lack of information about the state of play in poker and unpredictability of the outcomes as a result. This sounds much more like real life!
Playing poker is good practice for making decisions while not knowing all the possible outcomes. Good and bad outcomes are still possible even after good and bad decisions. The decision and the outcome are not as closely linked as we would like them to be. The goal is to make the best decision with what information you have and navigate the outcomes the best you can. That is something I will continue to keep in mind this year while I play poker and live life. I hope the same for all of you.
I will see your Happy New Year and raise you Good Tidings. Cheers!

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