From Terra to the Promised Land

Space Shuttle Night Launch
I had always heard about Judaism's connection to science fiction, and it always made complete sense to me. My connection to Judaism makes complete sense given my life-long love of science fiction. 

Space exploration holds existential questions for me.
Given that it is is pretty much guaranteed Earth will not last forever, isn't it equally given that we should begin to move on to other planets or space stations? Can we develop the needed technology in the time this planet has to remain? Will we procrastinate until it is too late? Will something cataclysmic happen to the planet before we get the chance? And, will God be with us on that journey? Will we be with God?

On this Thanksgiving Day 2017, I loved that the Wall Street Journal published this article, Finding God on a Mars Colony. I know God will come to us in surprising ways on that journey. It may not be quite like Mel Brooks sees it, but it will surely by a worthwhile journey. And, will there be a Rabbi on Venus? How do you put a Mezuzah on a space station, space ship, or planetary habitat? Can you build a Sukkah on Mars?

Just don't forget the Torah Scrolls when you pack!

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